How did you build this site?

I use Hugo, an open-source static site generator written in Go. I built my own templates using pure HTML and CSS3—no frameworks or client-side scripting required.

Where do you host it?

I host for free on Netlify, which rebuilds and deploys the site automatically whenever I update its GitLab repository.

Can I use your template/theme?

I don’t currently have the theme set up as a standalone package, but if you’re interested let me know.

What are the fonts?

Nearly all the text is displayed in Cormorant, a beautiful font (in my opinion). The barcode title is Libre Barcode 39 Text. Both fonts are loaded directly from Google Fonts.

What editor do you use?

I use Sublime Text 3 for most writing and coding, and GNU nano for basic work in a console.

When’s the big one coming?

We can’t predict earthquakes and likely never will. You should always be prepared for a major earthquake—secure your shelves and other objects that could fall, put together an emergency kit, participate in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills and practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”.