christopher patrick bruton


I’m Christopher Bruton. I was born in 1987 in Calgary, Canada. I’m a lifelong learner with a particular interest in computers, technology, and science. I wrote my first BASIC program at age 9 and set up my first Apache web server on Linux at age 13. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geophysics, using artificial neural networks to classify volcanic earthquakes.

In recent years my career interests have focused on network engineering. Currently I work at Caltech as a network engineer for the Southern California Seismic Network. I design and maintain the routing and switching infrastructure used to collect real-time earthquake data from 300+ seismic monitoring stations across the state.

I have been a curler since 2012 and serve on the Board of Directors of Hollywood Curling, Southern California’s largest curling club. I have competed in bonspiels (tournaments) across the US and frequently volunteer as an instructor to introduce the sport to new players.

I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska from 2009 to 2016, for grad school and then full time work at the Alaska Earthquake Center. I miss the place dearly (yes, I even miss the cold dark winters) and am always looking for excuses to visit. I was born and raised in Calgary but I consider Fairbanks my second hometown.

I am a runner, hiker, and walker, and move my feet at least 3 miles every single day. I have a car but do not like driving in Los Angeles and am frequently dismayed at city infrastructure that makes it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists to get around. I dream of a future with far fewer cars.

When I’m not moving my legs, I’m often found playing the piano, trying to cook good food, or improving my chess game. I’m an avid listener of audiobooks (free from the public library) and enjoy card/tabletop games from time to time. Sometimes you’ll even find me at a pub trivia night.

Updated in July 2021.